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The synagogue candelabra.

  • Place of origin: The Russian Empire, Minsk province, Minsk.
  • Date: 1902–1910
  • Material, technique: Collodion printing
  • Size: 16,3x10,8
  • Themes: Anti-Semitism

The photo shows three members of the Fine family — two brothers and their sister. On the far left, Joseph Fine is sitting. In the center, standing, dressed in a black dress — Ginda Fine (married — Karasikova, after marriage — moved to Tsaritsyn). The far right, with a full gray beard, is Mitzl Fine, the elder brother, who later moved to France. The photo is pasted on a passepartout with an Art Deco floral pattern. On the bottom edge of the photo is the inscription "M. Nappelbaum. Minsk». On the back of the passepartout is a printed inscription "Photograph of M. Napelbaum". The photo was taken in the studio of Nappelbaum, a famous photographer who painted portraits of the Soviet elite.