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Board of

The Board of Trustees of the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center was created in February 2013. Members include prominent representatives of Russian and international business and political circles, religious and non-governmental organizations, culture and art.

The tasks of the Board of Trustees:

The Board of Trustees of the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center approves the strategy of Museum development, realizes programs aiming at attraction of financial resources of sponsors and controls expenditures on the Museum development.

Moreover, the Board of Trustees defined for itself a number of moral and ethical tasks which are meant to reduce national and religious tension in the society.

These tasks include: contribution to the creation of the atmosphere of interchurch and interethnic tolerance, the Museum promotion as an opened discussion platform for the representatives of all religions and cultures, of people with different views and world outlook.

Composition of the council

  • Vekselberg Viktor Felixovich
  • Abramovich Roman Arkadyevich
  • Vaino Anton Eduardovich
  • Blavatnik Leonard
  • Boroda Alexander Moiseyevich
  • Gutseriev Mikhail Safarbeckovich
  • Klyachin Alexander Ilyich
  • Kostin Andrey Leonidovich
  • Lazar Berel
  • Smushkin Zakhar Davidovich
  • Soloshchanskiy Oleg Moiseevich
  • Metropolitan Juvenal
  • Gainutdin Ravil Ismagilovich
  • David Rene James Rothschild
  • Lord Browne
  • Ronald S. Lauder
  • Moshkovich Vadim Nikolayevich
  • Roger David Kornberg
  • Fridman Mikhail Maratovich